All submissions must be made through our online submissions form, which is run by Submittable (formally SubMishMash). You can create an account in which you can track your submissions, not just to us, but to all publications using the same system. We think this is the most simple, effective way for you to submit to us.

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We accept submissions for the following features:


750-3000 words

We publish both literary fiction and genre fiction – literary speculative fiction is our favourite. BUT we want to see something creative, something different. This can be in either content or execution – both if you are especially creative. Ultimately we want quality writing that entertains.

What we don’t want to see: gore for gore’s sake, porn or erotica (though stories may have an erotic element to them), Mills and Boon type romances, and stories about writers writing.


Up to 50 lines

We are looking for poems that are controlled i.e. the structure, the rhythm, the rhyme and every single word has had great thought put into it. Free verse poetry does not mean that the poet can ignore these aspects. Use language to its full potential. Make every word count. We accept any form of poetry – it will impress us if you master a difficult one.

We like poems that make us look at things in a new way, or that express ideas that we haven’t thought about before. Evoke the strange, the beautiful, and the ugly.

Feature Articles

750-2500 words

Inkspill Magazine is all about literary creativity, craft, process and originality. Do you have some useful writing advice? Do you have something interesting to say about the world of writing/publishing? We are looking for thought-provoking, balanced, structured pieces.

Send us your outline, and we’ll let you know if we like the idea. Alternatively send us your completed article.

NOTE: Final acceptances will be made upon the finished article. Expressing our interest to read the fully-written article does not automatically mean we have accepted it for publication.

We pay £10 per feature article.

Writing Analysis

750-2000 words

Really know your stuff about literature and the craft of writing? Take a published extract and disect it. Tell us how it works and why, and how our readers can implement the methods in their own writing.

£10 payment

Think Pieces

Up to 500 words

We’d like to read short, personal insights into anything relating to writing, reading, creativity or publishing. Make it interesting, with a strong voice.


Send us your reviews on the latest books, short story collections, poetry collections and creative events in the following categories:

Review Bites: Less than 250 words on a single item

Review Spotlight: 250-500 words on a single item

Review Compilation: Up to 750 words comparing and contrasting two or more items

Our best reviewers will have the opportunity to join our reviewing team, with the possibility of receiving free books to review.

Cover Art and Illustration

Up to 5 pieces

For the cover art, we want to see interesting, thought-provoking, highly aesthetic artwork that fits the creative feel of the magazine.

We’d also love to hear from illustrators who’d like to develop visual work to go along side the written pieces in the magazine.

Sadly, we cannot offer payment at the moment for this area of the magazine, but we can link to your site/portfolio in the issue and on our website.

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